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You can take the sport to any level and it’s always growing and evolving if you want it to. My interest grew stronger after catching Australian Bass on lures, and soon I was convincing my mum to drop me at the lake with my small boat to enter an ABT  (Australian Bass Tournaments) event as my competitive side came out in me. After winning my first ABT event I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

My dream was to one day fish against the best Bass Anglers in the world in the USA and after 10 years of competing in Australia  I headed to the States in my Quest to make the Bassmaster Elite Series! The road was not easy but after 4 years of  sacrificing everything I was a Bassmaster Elite Angler, taking on the best in the world.

I had 2 years fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series and while having some solid top ten results it wasn’t enough. So this year (2017) I will be aiming to requalify for the Bassmaster Elite Series via the FLW Fishing Tour and Bassmaster Northern Opens. Follow my quest at or watch me fish LIVE via Facebook


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Australia’s BIG COD specialists. Rod’s been chasing Cod longer than anyone I know. His an angler who shares the knowledge and works with multiple companies to help deliver the products that will give you the edge when that big one comes along

Check out Rod’s sensational DVD – Cod Almighty, it’s is a must see DVD For anyone who likes fishing for Murray cod or just fishing in general for that matter here’s something you may find worth a look. The highly anticipated Cod Almighty DVD featuring the capture of numerous giant Murray cod are now available. Shot on the Murray River, it purveys what it is to spend time chasing the Murray’s greatest living treasure.  Follow Rod at


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Matthew Langford did his time at the back of the boat then after a few years his stepped up to being a Boater with great success. He lives and breathes fishing. Now writing for the South Burnett Dams – BP and Boondooma. Matthew is flat out on Facebook as well as his Vblog. Follow Matthew on Facebook

Matthews favourite saying says it all…

If you didn’t learn something today you have just wasted an entire day.
If your not going to do something right the first time then don’t bother doing it at all.


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Dean Norbiato

Norbs – the Freshwater Whizz.

Not only does he know how to nail the big ones but his a very talented cameraman. His a mover and a shaker using a wide variety of products and techniques to nail monsters. Follow Dean at Norbs24 on Instagram


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Seth Feider


Feider fished team tournaments for years and worked jobs–construction, carpeting, apartment maintenance–that allowed him to take the time off to fish tournaments, before he tried the Bassmaster Elite Series.

“First year, I literally didn’t make a dollar,’’ Feider said. “This year I made a little bit. Next year I basically got my [costs covered already].’’

What changed things was the end of the second year as an Elite. He made a charge to second in the tournament on the Mississippi River out of LaCrosse, Wis. He was not familiar with that stretch of the Mississippi, but it was similar to what he fished upstream in Minnesota.

That finish qualified him for the Angler of the Year tournament on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota in September. He tore it up, averaging more than 25 pounds of smallmouth bass a day to win by more than 7 pounds.

“I’m a smallmouth guy, but I pride myself on versatility,’’ he said. “I am not great at [just] any one thing.’’

“You have to love it more than anything and being willing to do anything,’’ he said of the professional fishing life.

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